Sylver Kyagulanyi releases new single


Christian musician and lawyer gets vulnerable in release on repentance.

Award winning singer-songwriter Sylver Kyagulanyi released his new single “Tongoba” in the midst of the global coronavirus pandemic and said the tune is a message that can help listeners shift their focus back on God in repentance. 

The song highlights Kyagulanyi’ signature vocals while the lyrics describe the emotional longing for forgiveness and restoration depicted by the Psalmist in 51:11- 12 .

“‘Tongoba’ is a song about repentance and realization that we cannot hide from the all-seeing eye of God,” Kyagulanyi who is also a lawyer opened up about the messages he’s conveying in his new single.

“During these times when our hope and strength is the Lord, when the future is vague and bleak, it is important to purge our hearts and strive to be better human beings,” the 40-year-old said in a statement.

The official video was uploaded to YouTube on 19 May, 2020, and had by press time received a tremendous outpouring of love from the viewers.

Quoting Mark 11:25, Sylver Kyagulanyi urged that “it’s the time to make peace with each other which in turn puts us at peace with God.”

“God’s hand is not shortened nor His ear deaf but our iniquity separates us from Him; (Isaiah 59:1). This means that God cannot help a sinner unless He forgives him/ her and washes away the impeding iniquity.” Kyagulanyi said.

Adding: “To qualify for such forgiveness the condition is that we should forgive fellow man first. That’s why when Jesus was teaching us how to pray He taught that we should ask God to “ forgive us our sins as we forgive those who trespass against us.””