Google’s most-searched questions about God in 2019

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Ever wonder what other people think about God?

Theolocast, a global online platform that seeks to contrast Biblical truth with the world’s ideas in a way that’s easy to understand so people will believe God’s word and the gospel, has published some of the top questions people ask about God, Christianity, and apologetics based on Google search queries with links to Biblical answers.

According to LightWorkers, there are approximately 63,000 Google searches every second. That is about 5.6 billion searches per day.

It begs the question, what exactly is on people’s minds? What do they want to know about different subjects? And in regards to faith, what theological questions are people seeking?

Theolocast reported that so far this year, the question, ‘What is love?’ topped the list of google’s theological questions about apologetics. This was followed by ‘What is the Bible? (bible / scripture)’, then ‘Who is Jesus? (Jesus)’

Monthly search volume were based on global search volume for all languages for the exact query typed from January 2019. Numbers were estimates based on data Google shares with its advertisers.

Chanshi Chibwe, a digital content manager for reacted to this development through an article published by the Christian post on August 25, 2019 saying the Google searches reveal humanity’s longing for love—matched with efforts to comprehend God’s love.

“Most fascinating about this list is how shockingly simple the questions are. People are looking for foundational answers. Who is God, what is prayer, what is the Bible—critical definitions,” she explained.

“The simplicity of these questions remind us how crucial the root is. For those who believe and do not, one cannot get understanding until you get “it.” No matter how our culture advances we cannot eliminate this truth. We are in search of fundamental knowledge of who God and the major elements of faith,” she added.

You can check out Theolocast which notes all 101 most-searched theological questions including links to helpful articles and videos that answer these simple yet lofty questions.