Don’t scoff at God’s prophecy for your life – Lecrae


‘God does not break His promises’

American Christian hip hop recording artist and songwriter Lecrae this week guest-preached at a church in Miami. During his sermon, Lecrae invoked 1 Thessalonians 5:20 and reminded the audience at Rich Wilkerson Jr.’s VOUS Church that the Bible is the ultimate prophetic word during a teaching on the storms and trials of life.

“Some of us are saying ‘Oh God, make [suffering] go away. Make it go away,’” Lecrae started his sermon. “What we need to be saying is ‘God, make a way. God, make a way.’ My grandma would always say, ‘He may not get you out, but He’ll get you through.’ You’ve got to trust Him. You’ve got to trust Him.

“This is what I don’t want y’all to miss, OK? Thessalonians talks about, ‘Don’t scoff at prophecy,’ and the Bible is a prophetic book. And I don’t want you to miss this because, see, we can hear a million sermons. You hear a million sermons, you clap, you get excited today, but tomorrow you forgot about it already—unless it’s a Word for you. And that’s what a prophecy is. It’s a word for you. I believe God has a word for you. So don’t miss this one.”

Lecrae said he believes God’s prophetic promise throughout Scripture is that He will deliver you.

“See, we have to take God at His word,” Lecrae says. “God is not a man that He should lie. God does not break His promises. If He makes a promise, He’s going to keep it. He’s made a lot of promises in the Bible. You go through the Psalms over and over again and it says, ‘He delivers. He saves. He conquers. He’s the deliverer. He answers.’ Guess what? Deliverance is what He does.”

Watch Lecrae’s full sermon here.