Ex-Gay Ex-Drag Queen Found His True Identity in Christ


Many people wonder if it’s possible for homosexual to change.  There are many differing opinions but for if God nothing is impossible.  We are the evidence. The life of Ramon Pedro.  In his interview done by Marcus Augusto Macedo from the site Voz da Bahia, Ramon told the story of his life and his experience as an ex-homosexual ex-drag queen. Ramon originally came from Aimorés (Minas Gerais, Brazil). He is 27 years old and today he is married with Raiane Teodoro and lives for the Glory of Jesus.  He preaches the Word of God and shares his testimony in the baptist church baptiste Lírio dos Vales in Salvador in such a way that can be used as an instrument of transformation and restoration of souls in the light of salvation.

Voz da Bahia : Were you a homosexual?

Ramon Pedro : Yes.  Actually I lived as a transvestite, as a drag queen for 10 years and I suffered a lot but by God’s grace I have been delivered.  I was about to die. I was born again in a supernatural way when I accepted the Gospel 2 years ago.

Voz da Bahia : In your opinion what was the cause of you dying?

Ramon Pedro : I used a lot of drugs and I had an overdose with a cardiopulmonary attack. I mixed different drugs and had one foot in the grave. I started with marijuana and then cocaine and then LSD. I used coke from monday to monday and LSD on the weekend. A chasm was opened in me. I wanted nothing else but to be wasted. I was literally the slave of drugs and I lived for it. While dying, God visited me and I surrendered everything. The Father has given me a new chance et I’ve been born again.

Voz da Bahia : What do you think about soap operas that promote gay kisses?

Ramon Pedro : God’s word says that the world is under the dominion of the devil, televesion has the power to influence the youth, and I think everything is allowed but not everything is useful. If you think that for you and your life it is edifying to watch a show that denigrates the traditional family and even the body of Christ planned by God, you are free to have control over it and let it enter your home. We are approaching the second coming of Christ and unfortunately homosexuality will only get worse with each coming day.

Voz da Bahia : What do you think about the saying that ex-homosexuals don’t exist?

Ramon Pedro : I am in complete agreement because God never created homosexuals and so no ex-homosexuals either, only man and woman who used to follow the old evil way but have now surrendered to Jesus and have been restored and now are living for Jesus. Today I follow the example of life and good attitude of Jesus by the heavenly Father’s grace.

Voz da Bahia : Tell us your experience with God.

Ramon Pedro : That would be quite long and difficult in a few minutes, especially because God had brought me back to my childhood by reminding me of what happened to me when I was very little, that is the abuse and other worse things.

I was sexually abused at the age of 15 but the experience I had with God was enough for me to give my heart to Him. I love to say that I was like Paul, I didn’t like Christians, I didn’t believe in anything and when I had the experience with God, I began to believe in everything that I knew nothing about before.

When I read the first chapter of the epistle to the Romans, the masks began to come off as I read those words. I had mixed feelings, especially when they talked about natural affection, I saw myself as a transvestite and I remember why I felt like a waste everytime I took my mask of make-up off my face… because it was not the real me. So for the first time in a rave, I prayed to the Lord with all my heart, I did as Isaiah 58 by proclaiming the name of the Lord outloud and saying, “God, if You, Lord, exist, then enter right away into my life and change my story! I regret being who I am now… I feel weak and I can’t go on like this by myself! If the Lord exists, may He Himself talk to me in this place!” The moment I shouted these words, they penetrated my heart and the supernatural power of the Lord manifested in my life and accomplished His word: you will know the truth and the truth will set you free.

Voz da Bahia : Have you shared you testimony?

Ramon Pedro : Yes. I’m involved in a radical and supernatural ministry from Salvador in Bahia region where I live. We preached in different events about drugs, sex, prophetic gift, and the Holy Spirit from God. We are in the baptist church Baptiste Lírio dos Vales in the Pituba district in Salvador.

Voz da Bahia : Has the youth at church taken into account what you preach?

Ramon Pedro : We are organizing a retreat that will unite all sort of congegration and denomination where we will give teachings about life, inner healing, and which direction to take because today it’s not just homosexuality but also pornography and other things such as drugs that have polluted the body of Christ and also the souls of men.

Voz da Bahia : You have tattoos. You did them when you were still gay?

Ramon Pedro : Yes. I was part of a rave movement. I went to different rave parties and I made several tattoos to honor some gods such as Buddha and yoga. I repented from having made these tattoos because now I believe that the temple of the Holy Spirit should not be soiled like that. 

Voz da Bahia : Are you married? Do you want to have children?

Ramon Pedro : Raiane and I have been a couple since last year and we are getting married soon. We would like to have children but only according to God’s timing.

Voz da Bahia : What do people who lived the same life as yours and don’t believe that you have given everything to Jesus say? Has there been some who tried to change but failed?

Ramon Pedro : I want them to believe in God’s word that is the way, the truth, and the life rather than my testimony. I’m only a man and I can be wrong.

Voz de Bahia : What are your evangelization projects?

Ramon Pedro : I have a principal: love people rather than things. We have a project that will start this year with transvestite and prostitutes because we see a kingdom being called to go rather than to stay within 4 walls. Unfortunately the church preach about saving them while in reality Christ has come for the sick and not the healthy. This is what we want to teach youth and teens firstly.

Voz de Bahia : Many people say they are born gay and they have been like that since childhood. When does someone find out they are attracted to the same sex? Some say it’s a curse, others a sickness. Do you agree? In your opinion, what brings someone to homosexuality?

Ramon Pedro : The Bible is clear about the new birth. For those who think they are born murderer, thief, adulterer, or homosexual: there is a possibility to be born again and that’s through Jesus Christ. I’m against hatred and spreading it. I’m all for love. Welcome these people and help them. I think if you love and you get closer to these people, you do a good thing. If the church understands, that we are a hospital that welcome the sick, we touch their heart rather than losing them to left and right. Because of that we must plant, water, cultivate it and make God’s will grow in the hearts off men: it’s very important. Don’t wait until you suffer before accepting JEsus. You can have the feeling of being happy with everything that you do in life; maybe you never dealt with drugs or the things I’ve dealt with, but I want to tell you one thing: the same God who changed my life can change yours. He is the same yesterday, today, and forever.