Souls saved as Pastor preaches at introduction ceremony


With hands lifted, relatives and friends to a couple that organised their introduction ceremony in Kitgum district, Uganda received Christ when a pastor was invited to speak. (Courtesy Photo)

An introduction ceremony, locally known as ‘Kwanjula’ in Buganda is seen as a way of giving honor to the parents of the Bride, and at the same time, a moment to celebrate and jubilate with the new couple.

It is on rare occasion that one will use such an event as a crusade ground to share the gospel of Jesus Christ.

Well, this happened over the weekend!

Pastor Anne Emojong, wife to Pastor Denis Emojong, the President of Embassy of God Ministries in Uganda led several souls to Christ when she received an opportunity to speak at an traditional ceremony in Kitgum district.

The pastor took to her social media page on 3 August to reveal the power and necessity of preaching the gospel of Christ in all seasons.

In her own words, the Pastor pointed out:

“When you invite a Pastor to your function, expect the gospel to be preached.”

Anne stated that the body of Christ is running out of time and so, “we will use every opportunity to spread the good news,” she said.

Anne gave the glory to God when over 10 souls gave their lives to Jesus at the ceremony!