Why President Museveni handed intercessors the Uganda flag


A national flag is important not only because it describes the authority of the nation, but also because it is a symbol of peace and very often, the colors used represent the values of that country.

In 1997, the Head of State, President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni attended a special event where Apostle John Mulinde, the leader of World Trumpet Mission (WTM) launch a book after receiving a prophetic word for Uganda in the middle of 1995.

The book detailed why the Church in Uganda must be more separate and stand out to be the voice and the salt that it is commissioned to be.

Something unique happened at this event.

Speaking during the 24th Annual Ministers’ Conference at Christianity Focus Centre Mengo-Kisenyi, on 23rd July, 2019, civil servant at the State house and member of the Workplace Fellowships Network, Mrs Faith Katana drew Christians to events that happened in 1997 to awaken many to what their mandate is today.

“Apostle John Mulinde explained everything to the president, the vision of Uganda and the destiny of Uganda. He asked the president to hand over the nation to God. And knowingly, with all understanding, the president handed over the flag of Uganda to the intercessors,” Faith Katana revealed.

Over the last couple of years, Uganda has had born-again Christians appointed to top posts in various government agencies.

Has his just been coincidental?

Mrs Faith Katana speaks at the 24th Annual Ministers’ Conference hosted by Bishop David Livingstone Kiganda and wife Cindy Kiganda at Christianity Focus Centre Mengo-Kisenyi on 23rd July, 2019. Courtesy Photo.

According to Mrs Faith Katana, in order to uphold his decision made in 1997, President Museveni asked cabinet to regard as essential one’s faith before appointment in crucial state agencies.

“In 2000, fulfilling his part of the bargain, he [President Museveni] said this in cabinet, ‘if you have to employ, employ Born-again.’ He explained why; that it is because the Born again do not need to be policed. They are accountable to God,” Mrs Faith Katana stated.

“We all knew Uganda Revenue Authority as the most corrupt institution. And they said, bring in Born-again . And all of you have the testimony of URA. It was completely transformed and many other places. So many children of God entered into government agencies and ministries. we have ministers, members of parliament, we see the presidential advisors and CEOs who are Born-again,” Mrs Katana stated.

The priesthood, the ruler-ship role

The book of Genesis unveils Melchizedek was a king and the priest of “the most high God.”

Mrs Katana stated that if born-again Christians are going to fully maximize their positions of authority for the glory of God, they have to effectively rule in the agencies where they work, and at the same time be priests of the most high God.

She urged listeners to build altars of prayer at their work places, noting that believers have the challenge to start taking responsibility for the transformation of their organisations.

“Things you are seeing today are not because of the increase of evil. They have been hidden, and the Lord is exposing them.”

“We have to adopt the Melchizedek model,” she said. “There are so many there [serving in government agencies], but we do not know how to rule or take authority, so you find that there are so many children of light, but the darkness is getting darker.”