Twins rescued from dumpster by Watoto live to inspire hope


Keep your head up, your hands up, and your hopes up. God is for you!

Identical twins Mark and Andrew are a testimony of Hope – Abandoned as toddlers, they have seen the love of God through Watoto Childcare Ministries. (Courtesy Photo.)

As part of celebrating Christ and caring for community, Watoto Church in Kampala, Uganda has for several years now created a safe place where abandoned and less privileged children can learn their value in Christ, get an education, and truly experience the love of a family.

Among thousands rescued since the Ministry was founded in April, 1984, are two twins Mark and Andrew who were found abandoned in a rubbish pit in the central bussiness district.

As newborns, the two were found in dire circumstances.

Last week, a photo of the two young stars living healthy lives was shared online sparking joy among believers.

For many, this was a sign that there is hope for anyone, no matter what they may be facing or could have experienced in the part.

Mark recalled, “We were found abandoned in a rubbish pit and brought to Watoto.”

Andrew added: “But we’ve grown up happy and feel that our Watoto family is a miracle. They have given us love, an education, provision and a future. Mark and I are proof that they’re rescuing and raising future leaders.”

In 2017, Watoto Church provided education to 2843 students at the Watoto schools, Plus 162 who were continuing their education at University. The same year, Watoto Church rescued 109 babies, bringing the total at that time to 1320.

Baby Watoto rescues abandoned babies aged 0-2 years old and provides them with a family where they are loved and natured by a nanny who quickly becomes a mother to them.

Each nanny cares for a family of four babies. These are her babies from the time they arrive, until they are ready to the Watoto Village.

When the baby is ready to transition, the new mother in the village and the nanny work closely together for an extended period to ensure that the child feels comfortable and secure moving into their new family.